Change on the wind? Probably not.

28 11 2007

So I played some Call of Duty 4 today with Simon (Star Rager) and Kenny (keni87), which is something we haven’t done in a long time. Simon has been engrossed in Mass Effect since friday, I’ve had Guitar Hero 3 since thursday and Kenny has been, fuck knows.

It was fun though, managed to get a few 1st places along with quite a few challenges complete. Getting better with the sniper rifle too. It was a little weird playing it again after a few days hiatus. I was taking seriously too long aiming sometimes, but I eventually got back into the groove of things. Though our session was cut short by us all being put off from not one, but two very laggy games.

In other news, I’m actually going back to something I never thought I would today: ROSE Online. Tyler and I had originally tried playing MapleStory together again about a week ago, but it didn’t go too well. It’s lost all it’s appeal thesedays. But yeah, we’re gonna see how we do on ROSE, and if that fails on us, possibly RF Online. I don’t think I could ever get back into playing MMORPG’s, but even if it’s only for a short time, should still be fun.




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