R.O.S.E.’s are red, training is cool.

3 12 2007

Once again, I’ve done little else than play R.O.S.E. with Tyler. I’m not saying that I regret it, oh no. I’m having a really good time. We got our characters to 80 today and finally finished our second job quests. Tyler went Cleric, Chris chose Champion and I stupidly picked Bourg*. My stats were already set for Artisan but I figured I could reset after I changed. Figured wrong.

Anyway I decided to make a new character and Tyler helped me get back to where I was. This time I went with Hawker, eventually going Scout. Thanks to Cleric buffs, getting to 70 wasn’t hard work. Within about 2 hours of constant training I was up there and ready to begin my job quest. That too was a lot easier than last time.

So after a days training we’re all over 80, Tyler being over 90 (91). I guess our goal for tomorrow is 100, but if Janssen starts playing and Caroline still needs to level up, then our goal might be delayed for a while.

3 Muska-noobs Tyler & I (1) Tyler & I (2)

As Tyler mentioned in his blog post here, we’re always looking for people to join us. So if you enjoy playing MMORPG’s and still haven’t given R.O.S.E. a chance then I really suggest you do. We’re playing on isROSE (the iROSE version of Speed ROSE) and it’s fairly easy to connect to. If you need more information on connecting then feel free to drop me a line.




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