A little update.

4 12 2007

Decided to update some of the pages on here this morning. There’s not loads been done, just added more to the media section and replaced the basic blankness of pages I haven’t worked on yet with something a little.. nicer? This is also the new way that I make my posts now. Sexy isn’t it? I’ll be breaking things up that I’m talking about so it makes it easier for you to read. I’m thoughtful like that.

Life (and a bit of gaming)

Life is very much the same right now. Last night was a bit weird though. While I was waiting for Tyler and Chris to come home from school, I jumped onto the Xbox 360 and found that Kenny was playing some Call of Duty 4 and that I could join! So I hopped in and played a few games. At around 10pm we’d finished playing and Kenny asked if he and Jay could come ’round to play Guitar Hero 3. I had no objection. Everyone was out and I had bugger all else to do.

We sat around and played until just after midnight. Jay also wants to buy Guitar Hero 3 now and I never want to play “When You Were Young” by The Killers ever again. I swear the two of them must’ve played it about 20 times.

After they left I logged into R.O.S.E. only to find that Tyler and Janssen (yeah, they persuaded him to play) had gone off to eat. Needless to say, we didn’t get that much training done. Around 2am Tyler went off to play on the Wii for a while. Chris had gone by then and Janssen never came back from eating. I was getting really bored training so decided to go lay down and finish watching my movie (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). Yeah, then the unexpected happened. I. FELL. ASLEEP. Totally wasn’t ready for that. I got about 5 hours of broken sleep.


As I touched on above, last night wasn’t a good night for R.O.S.E. Though this morning I decided to make up for it a little and trained my ass off. So the levels are currently looking like this:

  • Dan [Scout] – Level 96 (Me)
  • Tyler [Cleric] – Level 96 (Tyler)
  • Chris [Champion] – Level 89 (Chris)
  • Caroline [Soldier] – Level 62 (Wounder)
  • Janssen [Muse] – Level 45 (Janssen)

And now I’m bored of typing!




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