Today’s Update.

8 12 2007

Here’s todays update. Nothing special though as I’ve pretty much done f’ all. To start off (and to fill this post out a bit), we’re thinking of giving R.O.S.E. up all together. Tyler, Chris and Janssen have all migrated to the 100x rate Speed ROSE server, leaving myself, Caroline, Cecelia, Ami and James.

The game just doesn’t hold much for us anymore, and those stupid job change quests. GAH. Start at level 70, finish at 80+. It’s ridiculous. Sigh. Though it’s not all bad news. I’ve managed to find a promising looking game on MMORPG called “Dream of Mirror”. Okay it’s not the best name in the world but that doesn’t mean anything. I’ll post more on this tomorrow.

Guitar Hero III

Decided to do a bit of achievement whoring today, as I’d pretty much been neglecting my xbox as of late. So far I’ve racked up an additional 65 gamerscore from Guitar Hero 3 just today. The achievements I unlocked are as follows.

Medium Rare

Rock Guru

Streak Master

Whammy Mania


I feel as if things are getting back to normal. I fell asleep last night around 1am and woke up at 6:45am. What the hell? That’s not me. To fix things, I fell asleep again at 12:30pm until about 4-5pm. Fix’d! But seriously I may be getting ill. Feeling a lot more tired and not eating too well. I guess things will work themselves out soon enough though.

It also looks like I’ll be going back to Catterick in January with Caroline too. Her husband (my brother-in-law), Lawrence, isn’t back from Iraq for another 8 weeks for his r’n’r, and then will return for good in the beginning of June sometime. So she’s gonna need someone to keep her company. Plus, she’s a bit of a gamer too so we both win. It should be fun to get away from home for a while. I’ll be spending about 6 months up there but fear not, I will have internet. 🙂

Not to forget, Christmas is almost upon us! My favourite time of the year. The one time I enjoy spending more time with my family and less on the computer. No, not for the reasons you’re thinking. Most of our family comes here for Christmas, my mum cooks everything. Five different meats, tons of vegetables, gravies, the works. We all end up sitting around a massive table in our living room (a table which see’s the light of day once a year), or if there’s no room, on the sofa’s too. There’s always a warm festive feel to Christmas day at our house. And we always end up watching some corny movie they put on at every Christmas.

Those who’ve known me for a while will know that I actually had other plans this year, but for reasons I won’t go into, they’ve changed. I’m a little upset that I didn’t get to do what I really wanted, but my family is happy I’m staying. And you know what they say (whoever they are).. Well I forget but it’s something about how family is important.




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