DOMO, PW and bugger all else.

9 12 2007

Well, my previous download of it failed mid way through for no apparent reason, but I’m currently downloading it again from a different source. Here are some screenshots for those who’ve never heard of it.

Those are direct from the DOMO website. There are also some pretty nice trailers on there too, but none showing actual gameplay footage. Still looks very nice though. Cell shaded anime. Lovely.

I also tried Perfect World today, as it’s just been released for public beta to N.A./Europe. Let me tell you, it’s not as perfect as the name suggests. Sure, customising your character to look however you want (and I mean that to its full extent) and being able to play with the female cleavage size is fun, but damn. My computer can handle Battlefield 2142 better than this! I had to set every option down to it’s lowest and as you may have guessed, everything looked like someone had just run over it with a smudge tool. Having no textures sucks.

I was also able to jump about 30ft into the air (that just topped FlyFF’s record) and jump once again while in mid air off of a tree branch. What the fuck? To cut things down, I’ve made a short list of what’s wrong with this game. These are in no specific order.

  1. Laggy.
  2. Poor click detection.
  3. Awkward WASD movements.
  4. Lack of character classes.
  5. Takes up too much memory.
  6. Has horrible, horrible text. (ingame)
  7. Feels unfinished.

Overall, I’d recommend avoiding this game like the plague. Oh! It did have one good thing going for it; the music. Was pretty nice.. yeah, that’s all.




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