Guitarmageddon! 4srsly.

12 12 2007

I’ve done pretty much nothing lately besides playing Guitar Hero 3. I think it’s the achievement whore inside telling me to keep playing and get that 1000 gamerscore. What can I say? Getting achievements is so satisfying.

Media Section

The media section has been rapidly updated with mostly Guitar Hero 3 stuff. There are new videos on there recorded by Tylers friend Chris. some of them are co-op, some solo and the rest are guitar battles. Pretty good stuff. I’ve just fixed my captured card so now it records the sound in perfect sync with the video, so be sure to expect some new stuff coming from me soon.

Rock The UK

The tour group is thriving! We’ve broken through the top 100 with ease and at the time of this post, we’re ranked around 70th. That’s not bad considering. There are almost 30 of us in the group now, totalling to 41,000 groupies. And sorry to say Pedro, but your ass has been overtaken! Yeah I took first place on the group leaderboards for groupies.

We’re always looking for new members, so if you play Guitar Hero 3 on either the Xbox 360, Wii, PS2 or PS3 and are from the UK then be sure to join us at


I formatted my computer last night, for the first time in a while. It felt like time for a fresh start and a chance for me to get rid of the past. I’ve told myself that I won’t clutter it up to buggery this time, and to make sure that I burn anything that I download ASAP. So now I’m back up to over 100GB free space on my hard drive and a total of one, yes, one game. I am of course speaking of R.O.S.E.. I don’t play PC games much anymore, and probably won’t until a friend of mine gets his internet back and we’ll start playing Guild Wars and Half-Life 2 together again.

R.O.S.E. Online

I started playing R.O.S.E. again with Tyler and Chris. Not all the time, like last time though. We’re playing on the iROSE 100x rate server now and we have a guild named “Fantasy”. Tyler originally wanted “Final Fantasy”, but it wouldn’t let him. We also have the most members out of all the clans on the server, which is pretty cool.

  • Tyler
    • Roxas: 147 Hawker
    • Tyler: 123 Raider
    • Squall: 109 Cleric
  • Chris
    • Axel: 142 Champion
    • Chris: 82 ???
    • Tidus: 118 Artisan
  • Dan
    • Auron: 110 Champion



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