13 12 2007

Just so you know, this thread is going to be purely about R.O.S.E. Yes, I know I said I was getting bored of it and yes I said I was going to play DOMO. But.. the passed, I don’t know, two or three days? I’ve lived and breathed this game. Hell, I dreamt about it the other night. Never before have I been so into it, and I don’t know why!

Myself, Tyler, Chris and Janssen are all playing on the high rate Speed iROSE server and we’re loving it. It didn’t take long for Tyson to start getting interested either, and I’ve also gotten Ami to join us. I think I’m so hyped because

  • We’re ranked as the #1 clan on the server.
  • I’m almost (today is the day) ranked #1 player on the server.
Tyler and I also took a break from training at around 3-4am and worked on the clan page for a little while, which looks pretty snazzy even if I do say so myself. All of the data on there is input by hand simply because we don’t have access to the sROSE databases. You might also notice the “Vote for sROSE” part on there. Toxin (one of the server admins) has been real good to us ingame so we said we’d give a little back and advertise a bit for him.

On a somewhat R.O.S.E. related note, I’m beginning work on the forums (finally!). After much delberation, I’ve decided to have them open in a new window instead of a small iframe on this page which was my first thought. For those of you who actually care about the content on this blog, please get in contact with me with what you’d like to see on them. All suggestions are welcome and I will do my best to meet your demands.. requests, I mean. :]




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