13 12 2007

Just so you know, this thread is going to be purely about R.O.S.E. Yes, I know I said I was getting bored of it and yes I said I was going to play DOMO. But.. the passed, I don’t know, two or three days? I’ve lived and breathed this game. Hell, I dreamt about it the other night. Never before have I been so into it, and I don’t know why!

Myself, Tyler, Chris and Janssen are all playing on the high rate Speed iROSE server and we’re loving it. It didn’t take long for Tyson to start getting interested either, and I’ve also gotten Ami to join us. I think I’m so hyped because

  • We’re ranked as the #1 clan on the server.
  • I’m almost (today is the day) ranked #1 player on the server.
Tyler and I also took a break from training at around 3-4am and worked on the clan page for a little while, which looks pretty snazzy even if I do say so myself. All of the data on there is input by hand simply because we don’t have access to the sROSE databases. You might also notice the “Vote for sROSE” part on there. Toxin (one of the server admins) has been real good to us ingame so we said we’d give a little back and advertise a bit for him.

On a somewhat R.O.S.E. related note, I’m beginning work on the forums (finally!). After much delberation, I’ve decided to have them open in a new window instead of a small iframe on this page which was my first thought. For those of you who actually care about the content on this blog, please get in contact with me with what you’d like to see on them. All suggestions are welcome and I will do my best to meet your demands.. requests, I mean. :]


Guitarmageddon! 4srsly.

12 12 2007

I’ve done pretty much nothing lately besides playing Guitar Hero 3. I think it’s the achievement whore inside telling me to keep playing and get that 1000 gamerscore. What can I say? Getting achievements is so satisfying.
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DOMO, PW and bugger all else.

9 12 2007

Well, my previous download of it failed mid way through for no apparent reason, but I’m currently downloading it again from a different source. Here are some screenshots for those who’ve never heard of it.

Those are direct from the DOMO website. There are also some pretty nice trailers on there too, but none showing actual gameplay footage. Still looks very nice though. Cell shaded anime. Lovely.

I also tried Perfect World today, as it’s just been released for public beta to N.A./Europe. Let me tell you, it’s not as perfect as the name suggests. Sure, customising your character to look however you want (and I mean that to its full extent) and being able to play with the female cleavage size is fun, but damn. My computer can handle Battlefield 2142 better than this! I had to set every option down to it’s lowest and as you may have guessed, everything looked like someone had just run over it with a smudge tool. Having no textures sucks.

I was also able to jump about 30ft into the air (that just topped FlyFF’s record) and jump once again while in mid air off of a tree branch. What the fuck? To cut things down, I’ve made a short list of what’s wrong with this game. These are in no specific order.

  1. Laggy.
  2. Poor click detection.
  3. Awkward WASD movements.
  4. Lack of character classes.
  5. Takes up too much memory.
  6. Has horrible, horrible text. (ingame)
  7. Feels unfinished.

Overall, I’d recommend avoiding this game like the plague. Oh! It did have one good thing going for it; the music. Was pretty nice.. yeah, that’s all.

A little update.

4 12 2007

Decided to update some of the pages on here this morning. There’s not loads been done, just added more to the media section and replaced the basic blankness of pages I haven’t worked on yet with something a little.. nicer? This is also the new way that I make my posts now. Sexy isn’t it? I’ll be breaking things up that I’m talking about so it makes it easier for you to read. I’m thoughtful like that.
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R.O.S.E.’s are red, training is cool.

3 12 2007

Once again, I’ve done little else than play R.O.S.E. with Tyler. I’m not saying that I regret it, oh no. I’m having a really good time. We got our characters to 80 today and finally finished our second job quests. Tyler went Cleric, Chris chose Champion and I stupidly picked Bourg*. My stats were already set for Artisan but I figured I could reset after I changed. Figured wrong.

Anyway I decided to make a new character and Tyler helped me get back to where I was. This time I went with Hawker, eventually going Scout. Thanks to Cleric buffs, getting to 70 wasn’t hard work. Within about 2 hours of constant training I was up there and ready to begin my job quest. That too was a lot easier than last time.

So after a days training we’re all over 80, Tyler being over 90 (91). I guess our goal for tomorrow is 100, but if Janssen starts playing and Caroline still needs to level up, then our goal might be delayed for a while.

3 Muska-noobs Tyler & I (1) Tyler & I (2)

As Tyler mentioned in his blog post here, we’re always looking for people to join us. So if you enjoy playing MMORPG’s and still haven’t given R.O.S.E. a chance then I really suggest you do. We’re playing on isROSE (the iROSE version of Speed ROSE) and it’s fairly easy to connect to. If you need more information on connecting then feel free to drop me a line.

More R.O.S.E. and little else.

2 12 2007

I don’t know why but I’ve been really into playing R.O.S.E lately. I’ve barely touched my Xbox for the past few days too. I played a little bit of Kane & Lynch online (which might I add, is poor if you’re not playing with friends) and a little bit of Phantasy Star Universe.

Tyler, Caroline and myself decided to move away from AruaROSE because that job change quest plus all those people is entirely too hard. We’re now playing on Speed ROSE (sROSE). We were originally gonna play on thier Evo server which had some pretty high rates (the exp rate was 200x; Arua’s was 30x) and a higher max level, but both Caroline and myself couldn’t get the execute file to work. Even after downloading it five times.

So we’ve gone with thier iROSE server which has rates similar to that of Arua. The thing is.. the place is like a ghost server. Tyler says he’s seen two other people besides us, but I haven’t seen a single soul. Not even in Junon Polis. Oh I forgot to mention, Chris, one of Tyler’s friends from school has also joined us. Another of his friends, Janssen was supposed to be coming with us aswell, but he might’ve had a change of heart. We’ll find out soon enough.

I think that just about sums things up here.

Thou art like a R.O.S.E.

30 11 2007

So I’ve been playing R.O.S.E. Online a lot the past two or so days, and let me tell you; it’s damn fun. Tyler and I picked a private server to play on, a high-rate one. It’s not extreme like most private servers. Takes time and dedication still to get to the higher levels and you have to do your job change quests (along with others to get certain skills) so it remains true to the original R.O.S.E.

We’re up in the 70’s now and my sister Caroline has joined us. I’m at 75, Caroline is 72 and Tyler is.. well, starting to lag behind! He’s at 67. I’m sure he’ll catch up in no time though. The job change quests are hard as hell to do, because there are so many people there either killing the bosses for the quest too or just for the EXP/items.

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