Guitarmageddon! 4srsly.

12 12 2007

I’ve done pretty much nothing lately besides playing Guitar Hero 3. I think it’s the achievement whore inside telling me to keep playing and get that 1000 gamerscore. What can I say? Getting achievements is so satisfying.
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Today’s Update.

8 12 2007

Here’s todays update. Nothing special though as I’ve pretty much done f’ all. To start off (and to fill this post out a bit), we’re thinking of giving R.O.S.E. up all together. Tyler, Chris and Janssen have all migrated to the 100x rate Speed ROSE server, leaving myself, Caroline, Cecelia, Ami and James.

The game just doesn’t hold much for us anymore, and those stupid job change quests. GAH. Start at level 70, finish at 80+. It’s ridiculous. Sigh. Though it’s not all bad news. I’ve managed to find a promising looking game on MMORPG called “Dream of Mirror”. Okay it’s not the best name in the world but that doesn’t mean anything. I’ll post more on this tomorrow.
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ROCK The UK!.. and some more GH3.

27 11 2007

Our tour group is doing really well. Although I’ve not long joined it, there’s a sense of pride already. We’re closing in on the top 100, being ranked 151st right now and climing daily. If you’re from the UK and want to show the world what we’re made of, then click here and apply for the tour group.

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