Today’s Update.

8 12 2007

Here’s todays update. Nothing special though as I’ve pretty much done f’ all. To start off (and to fill this post out a bit), we’re thinking of giving R.O.S.E. up all together. Tyler, Chris and Janssen have all migrated to the 100x rate Speed ROSE server, leaving myself, Caroline, Cecelia, Ami and James.

The game just doesn’t hold much for us anymore, and those stupid job change quests. GAH. Start at level 70, finish at 80+. It’s ridiculous. Sigh. Though it’s not all bad news. I’ve managed to find a promising looking game on MMORPG called “Dream of Mirror”. Okay it’s not the best name in the world but that doesn’t mean anything. I’ll post more on this tomorrow.
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A little update.

4 12 2007

Decided to update some of the pages on here this morning. There’s not loads been done, just added more to the media section and replaced the basic blankness of pages I haven’t worked on yet with something a little.. nicer? This is also the new way that I make my posts now. Sexy isn’t it? I’ll be breaking things up that I’m talking about so it makes it easier for you to read. I’m thoughtful like that.
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Thou art like a R.O.S.E.

30 11 2007

So I’ve been playing R.O.S.E. Online a lot the past two or so days, and let me tell you; it’s damn fun. Tyler and I picked a private server to play on, a high-rate one. It’s not extreme like most private servers. Takes time and dedication still to get to the higher levels and you have to do your job change quests (along with others to get certain skills) so it remains true to the original R.O.S.E.

We’re up in the 70’s now and my sister Caroline has joined us. I’m at 75, Caroline is 72 and Tyler is.. well, starting to lag behind! He’s at 67. I’m sure he’ll catch up in no time though. The job change quests are hard as hell to do, because there are so many people there either killing the bosses for the quest too or just for the EXP/items.

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Back to work? What?

27 11 2007

Third post in one day.. Starting to think I’ve nothing better to do. Anyway, I’d just spoken to a friend of mine before his shift started at work and he mentioned that there are job openings at CEX on Lord Street and that a friend of his was the manager there. So, I figure I’ll give it a shot. Plan on handing my C.V. in there sometime this week and fingers crossed I get the job.