Guitar Hero 3

Last edit: 27/11/2007


As you probably figured out from the name, this is indeed a tour group specifically for the UK. Started by PedroMorales, the group has been climbing the ranks very quickly and is currently ranked somewhere in the top 100 on

If you’d like to join the group, then sign up or login at and apply here at the tour group page.


A Short Review

Guitar Hero 3 is very much like it’s predecessors. A guitar “simulation”. It’s one of the few rhythm games to top D.D.R. (Dance Dance Revolution), and show them in a whole new light. Guitar Hero 3 gives you the feeling of being a true rocker, even if you can’t play a real guitar. That’s not saying the game is easy. It takes time to be able to play at the top level.

There are a total of four difficulty settings you can play on. Easy, medium, hard and expert. Each difficulty is assigned set fret buttons (except hard and expert; they use the same). Easy use just three; green, red and yellow. Medium, four; green, red, yellow and blue. Hard and expert finish it off, both using five; green, red, yellow, blue and orange. The only difference between hard and expert is the note sequences and play speed.


As you may already know, Guitar Hero 3 is all about the “legends of rock”, with tracks from Guns ‘n’ Roses, Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, Metallica and more, it’s by no means a cheap game. There are also songs from some of the newer artists to grace the music scene. Dragonforce make a guest appearance as a bonus song. Can you imagine how many pissed off gamers there would be if you HAD to play one of thier songs?

With 8 tiers, each containing atleast 4 tracks, you can be sure you won’t be running out of songs to master any time soon. There are also over 30 bonus tracks along with some download packs (DLC for the Xbox 360).


It’s actually a lot better than those that came before it. With the added feature of online play and some more fun songs to play, it’s become a game that I’ve refused to take out of my Xbox since I bought it. Even if you have no one to play locally and you don’t have access to Xbox Live, there is still a lot of replay value to be had. As I mentioned, there are four difficulty settings and completing each one will net you some new goodies to buy at the store. That should keep any gamer going for a month or two.


It’s been one of my favourite games of 2007, so I’m going to have to give it a respectable..


I fell in love with the Guitar Hero games right after I bought the first one in 2006 and I will continue to do so until.. well, I don’t know. Rockband? Who knows. This game is definately worth the money and will take pride of place in my top three Xbox 360 games for a long, long time.



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