More R.O.S.E. and little else.

2 12 2007

I don’t know why but I’ve been really into playing R.O.S.E lately. I’ve barely touched my Xbox for the past few days too. I played a little bit of Kane & Lynch online (which might I add, is poor if you’re not playing with friends) and a little bit of Phantasy Star Universe.

Tyler, Caroline and myself decided to move away from AruaROSE because that job change quest plus all those people is entirely too hard. We’re now playing on Speed ROSE (sROSE). We were originally gonna play on thier Evo server which had some pretty high rates (the exp rate was 200x; Arua’s was 30x) and a higher max level, but both Caroline and myself couldn’t get the execute file to work. Even after downloading it five times.

So we’ve gone with thier iROSE server which has rates similar to that of Arua. The thing is.. the place is like a ghost server. Tyler says he’s seen two other people besides us, but I haven’t seen a single soul. Not even in Junon Polis. Oh I forgot to mention, Chris, one of Tyler’s friends from school has also joined us. Another of his friends, Janssen was supposed to be coming with us aswell, but he might’ve had a change of heart. We’ll find out soon enough.

I think that just about sums things up here.


Thou art like a R.O.S.E.

30 11 2007

So I’ve been playing R.O.S.E. Online a lot the past two or so days, and let me tell you; it’s damn fun. Tyler and I picked a private server to play on, a high-rate one. It’s not extreme like most private servers. Takes time and dedication still to get to the higher levels and you have to do your job change quests (along with others to get certain skills) so it remains true to the original R.O.S.E.

We’re up in the 70’s now and my sister Caroline has joined us. I’m at 75, Caroline is 72 and Tyler is.. well, starting to lag behind! He’s at 67. I’m sure he’ll catch up in no time though. The job change quests are hard as hell to do, because there are so many people there either killing the bosses for the quest too or just for the EXP/items.

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Change on the wind? Probably not.

28 11 2007

So I played some Call of Duty 4 today with Simon (Star Rager) and Kenny (keni87), which is something we haven’t done in a long time. Simon has been engrossed in Mass Effect since friday, I’ve had Guitar Hero 3 since thursday and Kenny has been, fuck knows.

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Back to work? What?

27 11 2007

Third post in one day.. Starting to think I’ve nothing better to do. Anyway, I’d just spoken to a friend of mine before his shift started at work and he mentioned that there are job openings at CEX on Lord Street and that a friend of his was the manager there. So, I figure I’ll give it a shot. Plan on handing my C.V. in there sometime this week and fingers crossed I get the job.

ROCK The UK!.. and some more GH3.

27 11 2007

Our tour group is doing really well. Although I’ve not long joined it, there’s a sense of pride already. We’re closing in on the top 100, being ranked 151st right now and climing daily. If you’re from the UK and want to show the world what we’re made of, then click here and apply for the tour group.

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Here I go.

27 11 2007

My first time writing one of these, so bear with me. To start off, I’ll go over some of the things I’ll be putting in this weblog. I’m here purely to talk about gaming and pretty much anything gaming related.

Well, I say that but actually what I really mean is anything gaming related that I’m playing and/or looking forward to. Yeah, that’s more to point. I guess I can cover a little bit of my life as time goes on. That just depends how important it is I guess.

To kick things off I’ll give you a little information about who I am.
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