Fantasy Clan

This page is made specifically for the Fantasy Clan on the High Rate server on Speed’s iRose server. What will be posted here will just be information of the clan, how we’re looking in the rankings, our current clan members, and anything else we think is relevant.

Members Clan Ranking Weekly Event Clan Fights

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As you may have guessed, the member list is not dynamic. Instead we update it manually every night before we finally go to sleep. So appreciate it, damn you! ^_^

Last updated: December 19th 2007
Name Rank Class Level
Squall Master Cleric 181
Auron Deputy Master Champion 191
Axel Commander Champion 178
Riku Commander Cleric 159
Tyler Captain Raider 123
Tidus Captain Artisan 118
Chris Captain Scout 85
Roxas Captain Scout 183
Alegria Senior Raider 105
sAi Senior Mage 177
Namine Senior Champion 112
Bebe Junior Raider 129
CuTT Junior Mage 137
Exodus Junior Raider 105
Thok Junior Champion 90
Total Members 15/15 Average Level


Clan Ranking

The same applies here as above. We manually input the current top 5 clans on the iROSE high rate server. This will also be updated daily, as needed.

Last updated: December 19th 2007
Rank Mark Name Slogan Points
#1 Fantasy Every story must have an ending. 242
#2 skillz We are not a clan…..we are a family! xD 46
#3   TEMPORIOS mexeu morreu 36
#4 Lunatic In the land of the free the crazy bash thrones. 20
#5 DieFast Die Fast, die like a noob 20


Weekly Event

So far we have no events planned. Though we expect this to change in the coming weeks, so keep your eye on this area. A news post will also be put on the front page for those who might overlook it.


Clan Fights

No clan fights as of yet, but it looks like we might end up having one with skillz. ^_^



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